About US

LC Engineers, Inc. is a Parts Life, Inc. company and a certified small business entity operating in Rahway, NJ. Opened in 2000, LC Engineers, Inc. (LCE) is a contract manufacturer and supplier of Military, Aerospace and High Reliability Commercial Electronic Assemblies. Here at LC Engineers, we provide a comprehensive range of electro-mechanical production services.  We are also a distributor of, but not limited to, most electronic and manufacturing equipment.  Our expertise in engineering manufacturing, including circuit and printed circuit board layout, assembly line production and all aspects of inspection and testing, has established our reputation of manufacturing excellence.

LC Engineers, Inc has a staff with over 20 years experience in defense and commercial electronic assembly services, with a wide range of skills capable of wiring complete units, sub-assemblies and manufacturer of various of cables and harnesses. LC Engineers's Quality procedures and state of the art engineering and manufacturing technology exceeds the current industry standards.

1471 Pinewood St

Rahway, NJ 07065

P: 1 (732) 340-9190