Electro-Mechanical Assemblies

  • Wiring harness, cable & conduit assemblies

  • Adapter and connector assemblies

  • Panel & switch assemblies

  • Box and enclosure assemblies

  • Electro-mechanical assemblies

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment

  • Regulator, Air Supply

  • Resistor Assemblies


  • Design from concept / idea or statement of work

  • Reverse engineering

  • Fault detection and repair of electronics assemblies

  • Custom Embedded and Application Software Development

  • Electronic Design and Engineering

  • Rapid Prototyping/Fabrication and Low Volume Production

  • Build to Print

  • Reverse Engineering/Legacy Replacement

Procurement Services

  • Sourcing of hard to find, obsolete parts

  • Suggestion of replacement parts

  • Buy & supply under contracts (lab equipments, electronics parts etc.)

  • Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment


  • Complete test equipment design from specification

  • Test program design automatic test equipment

  • Environmental testing

  • Environmental stress screening

Circuit Board Assembly – Surface Mount

Pick & Place - LaserPro 5530L is a 100% laser/vision alignment, fine-pitch, general purpose machine with a capacity of 14000 components per hour.

Reflow Oven  Conceptronic High Velocity 4 Zone Forced Convection Oven, Model Concept 60 Air with Rail Belt Conveyor, Adjustable Rail.

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